Dr. Chip 

Auto Glass Repair


Dr. Chip Windshield Repair is an independent windshield repair company. We are contracted through the insurance companies to do quality repairs . We take pride in the services we offer and strive to reflect that to our clients, by making hourly appointments and making sure we are there on time. 


Q: Will making a claim affect my insurance?
A: No. Glass losses are a “no-fault” claim and covered under the comprehensive part of your policy, which is different than collision. Comprehensive losses are typically the result of road debris, theft, vandalism, “acts of God” etc. and are unrelated to your driving ability.
Q: How much will I have to pay?
A: With the right insurance coverage most repairs are free. Cash is an option first chip is $40, $10 for any additional chip.

Rock Chip repair

  • If you have a chip in your windshield caused by a rock from the road and have full insurance coverage, you may be eligible for a free windshield repair. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of windshield repair because it saves them money. As an incentive to repair, rather than replacing your windshield, they will waive the cost of your deductible. This is a service you may already be paying for but not know about. If you are unsure of your insurance company’s policy, contact us
  •  We repair cracks up to 6 inches here are some samples of chips that are repairable